This was my •{Beautiful}• dinner date last night !!!! I always enjoy spending time with @ayanzado she’s pure unfiltered •{Magic}• !!! We are manifesting our dreams…and building each other up along the way!!! We share the same vision for wanting to create a space that •{Cultivates}• the energies of others…Some of the best advice you can ever receive is knowing that we are all one •{Collective}• unit…If we spent more time encouraging, connecting, and working with each other, we could truly make even more of a impactful change…Realize how much abundance there is in the world…and that we can ALL succeed and be amazing without the need to complete or tear others down in the process…Create something that you can look back on and see not only yourself…but the reflection of each and every spirit that was a vital part in making it possible!!!! #Unity #StrengthInNumbers #ConnectingCreatives #ProjectTribe #TheWholeHearted

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White stretch ‘pom-pom’ dresses by Shao-Yen Chen.

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“In the heat of her hands I thought, This is the campfire that mocks the sun. This place will warm me, feed me and care for me. I will hold on to this pulse against other rhythms. The world will come and go in the tide of a day but here is her hand with my future in its palm.
Jeanette Winterson, from Written On The Body (via violentwavesofemotion)

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